Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair in Phoenix AZ

Are you having trouble with your garage door opener? If you have an automatic opener, the problem could be with the unit. Because of frequent use, openers are prone to being damaged. Before the problem gets so bad you need to finance a replacement, try a garage door opener repair first!

To determine if your garage door opener is the problem, check the emergency release with the door closed. If the door opens smoothly, the problem is your garage door opener. Try closing the door as well. Does it stop before reaching the bottom? This could mean your opener needs resetting.

F&J's 24 Hour Garage Door Service offers a variety of garage door services including garage door opener repair and garage door opener replacement. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and have the expertise to get your garage door opener up and running again. Give us a call today!

Garage Door Opener Repair Phoenix AZ
Installing a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Repair

Before you head out and buy a replacement garage door opener, save yourself the time and money by calling us! The problem could be fixed with an easy repair. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to diagnose the problem, giving you the verdict and presenting you with viable options for handling it.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Whether you need a simple repair or end up needing a garage door opener replacement, F&J's has exactly what you need! We can also perform regular maintenance to prevent garage door malfunctions, keeping your opener running the way it should and saving you from having to get a replacement. End your frustration with a garage door that's just not working correctly and give us a call today! F&J's 24 Hour Garage Door Service is ready to get your garage door opener back on track and working like it should.

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  • Garage Door Opener Replacement
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Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Reliable and powerful, LiftMaster chain drive garage door openers are built to handle heavy and frequently used doors with ease, day in and day out.

LiftMaster belt drive garage door openers are ultra-strong and virtually silent, making them ideal for homes with attached garages.


Liftmaster Garage Door Opener